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Our Story

The Coorie Company was established in 2021, by Sarah Smith, after a love of photography, interior design, beautiful scents and Scottish landscapes helped to create our collection of handmade candles and other crafts. 

At the heart of The Coorie Company is being as ethical and sustainable as possible. All our products are environmentally friendly, vegan and cruelty free. Our packaging is also either recycled or you can recycle it. We are 100% plastic free. 

We love our planet and want to encourage people to help us look after it. 


COORIE / ku:ri / >


1. The Scottish art of deriving comfort, wellbeing and energy from wild landscapes and convivial interiors.

2. "A hug of a word."

INFORMAL: an affectionate nestle into a loved one

OLD GAELIC: cosahgach "snug or cosy"

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