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Candle Scents

Which scent will you choose?

Lemongrass + Ginger

Top notes of ground ginger roots, followed by mouth watering lemongrass with a hint of freshly grated lemon peel and coriander seeds.

Seaweed + Juniper

A fresh invigorating accord opening with refreshing notes of white tea, lemon, mandarin, pear and green tea with a light floral background with amber and soft woods.

Cedarwood + Jasmine

Base notes of woodsy, balsamic cedar wood with fresh floral top notes of jasmine.

Lavender + Eucalyptus


A fresh herbaceous aroma, bursting with a floral scent with some dry woody undertones and a crisp, refreshing scent from the eucalyptus.

Coconut, Vanilla + Bergamot

A blend of freshly cut coconuts with a full and sweet scent of vanilla pods. Topped with a fruity, sweet and warm spicy floral quality.

Clementine + Chamomile

Coconut, Vanilla + Bergamot

A fresh and lightly floral fragrance with notes of orange, lemon, bergamot, rose jasmine and a base note of amber, cedarwood and cinnamon leaf.

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Sweet Orange + Amber

Honeysuckle + Elderflower

Sea Kelp + Minerals

Velvet like amber incense and musk are heightened with sweet orange in this seductive scent. It creates an ambience of warmth, sophistication and style. 

Luscious, floral fragrance which gently unfolds with subtle citrus nuances of mandarin and lemon, enhanced by succulent winter berries. The fragrance comes into full bloom through floral notes of frosted honeysuckle, jasmine and elderflower while the sensuous sandalwood, amber, vanilla and musk completes the fragrance. 

A bold citrus fusion of bergamot, lemon, lime and sweet mandarin harmonised by a floral bouquet of cyclamen, freesia, rose and jasmine. Enhanced by musk, amber, cedar, patchouli and moss.

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